‘Chuck’ Needs More Than Luck

‘Good Luck Chuck,’ good luck at the box office. This movie immediately joins the all-time greats such as, ‘The Big Bounce,’ ‘My Boss’s Daughter,’ and ‘Daddy Day Care.’
‘The Big Bounce’ had a promising cast (Owen Wilson, Sarah Foster and Morgan Freeman). ‘My Boss’s Daughter’ was bad from the start (Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid).
‘Good Luck Chuck’ has a promising cast, an interesting story and that underrated romantic comedy appeal. The recipe for a box office hit, yeah? No.
The movie begins with a group of second graders playing spin the bottle in the basement of an unsupervised house. The scene focuses on Young Charlie and Young Stu’s ambivilance to various sexual terms such as ‘getting to third base.’
It is also here where we discover Young Stu’s obsession with breasts. It is Charlie’s turn to spin the bottle and, in a scene of overwhelming suspense, the bottle does not land on Charlie’s hopeful crush.
Instead it points a ‘scary’ gothic girl, who hex’s Charlie when he refuses to give her any action. She puts a curse on Charlie that will make everyone he sleeps with find their true love in the next man she meets.
The story then flashes forward and we see that Chuck (Dane Cook) is having unsuccessful relationship issues.
We also discover that Chuck’s overweight partner in crime, Stu (Troy Gentile), is a plastic surgeon. His practice specializes in a certain female body part augmentation