Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Enjoy Shopping and Eating in Tustin’s New ‘District’

It may feel as if it appeared out of nowhere. The drive down Jamboree heading toward the Tustin Marketplace used to be fairly uninteresting. Sure, there were a few apartment complexes and a couple small shopping centers (there’s the one with the Melting Pot and then the one with the Houston’s and the California Pizza Kitchen). But minus that, Jamboree was just a way to get from here to there, be it access to the 405, Newport Beach or Tustin Marketplace. But that’s old news.
As of this summer, right before hitting the section on Jamboree where you can hit 60+ mph and simulate those racing games at Dave & Buster’s you love so much, there’s a new center off to the left. It’s called ‘The District’ and it’s the latest addition to Orange County’s outdoor shopping centers, joining the Spectrum, the Market Place and the Block. Refreshingly enough, it’s not owned by The Irvine Company, but rather Vestar Development, Co. They are the power behind many developments in both California and Arizona.
There are a ‘million reasons why’ you should visit The District. Or, at least there are according to the advertising firm that came up with that slogan. I’m not sure what exactly the ‘million reasons’ are, though. Maybe eating or drinking, or spending a lot of money, are some of the reasons they had in mind. I’m sure the latter is what Vestar Development is hoping for; just by looking at the center, it’s obvious that it cost a pretty penny to build. This new place is toted as ‘Tustin’s bold, new 1,000,000-sq-ft dining, shopping and entertainment destination.’ No need to whip out that handy dandy measuring tape: The District is huge. It’s not as overwhelming as the Market Place in Tustin, but it’s mighty large, my friend. Don’t judge until you get there and want to withdraw some money from the ATM before splurging on a whole cow, pig and/or chicken at Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que (depending on which combination entr