Fight to Lower Textbook Prices

This fall the cost of textbooks will send a new shockwave to students across the nation. To ease the blow, the California Student Public Interest Research Group, a UC consumer group, and the UC Irvine Bookstore held a press conference on Thursday, Sept. 20 to express their strong support for Assembly bill SB 832, the College Textbooks Affordability Act, which was passed by the legislature earlier that week.
According to a CALPIRG survey, the average cost of textbooks at UCI, other UC campuses and Oregon schools will reach $900 per student, per year, said Kailee Brickner-McDonald, a CALPIRG UCI campus organizer. Since 1994, the cost of textbooks has risen at approximately four times the rate of inflation.
The benefit of SB 832, if approved by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is that costs of textbooks will decrease because the bill will demand that publishers disclose the prices of their products in the marketing materials and on their Web site so that faculty can make informed decisions when assigning course books to their students. Should the bill pass, California will become the sixth state to adopt this kind of practice.
Mohamed Eldessouky, a guest speaker and president of the Associated Students of UC Irvine and fifth-year criminology major and management minor, said he supports this legislation.
‘Students split costs