Simpson Just Starved for the Spotlight

O.J. Simpson has been arrested. Again. And again, the media follows O.J.’s every move. Did he really commit a crime? Of course not. O.J. has been out of the news for over a decade. And what better way to get airtime on national television then to get arrested again? It’s pure genius. It’s pure entertainment. I found myself thoroughly amused at this ‘news’ because I honestly miss O.J. and his antics.
A former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL Hall-of-Famer, O.J. was among the star running-backs of his generation. He was praised as the ideal athlete after whom kids should mold themselves. He even had cameos in the ‘Naked Gun’ film series. He was rich, healthy, tall, dark and handsome and at one point had a beautiful wife. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
If you were alive at any point in the 1990s, then you will remember the notorious trial where Simpson was accused of murdering his wife, Nicole Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. You will also remember the infamous car chase of O.J. in his white getaway vehicle speeding down the highways of Southern California. This story had ‘movie of the week’ written all over it. You will also remember the media’s obsessive coverage of the trial and Johnny Cochran’s rhyming defense, which proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, O.J.’s innocence.
One would think O.J. would be smart enough to ignore the limelight and stick to the straight edge after the trial, and he did: he steered clear of legal troubles and lived as a retired pro-football player should, with his millions of dollars in a ritzy mansion.
Then just last week, he was questioned over the robbery of $80,000 worth of sports memorabilia. I thought this was absurd. O.J. is rich; he doesn’t need to steal anything. Then, a few days later, he was charged with stealing sports memorabilia, specifically items relating to his football career.
I thought this was even more absurd: O.J. wouldn’t need to steal things he’s already autographed, because he can just sign new balls and sell those for more money. I was wrong; apparently O.J. was really adamant about having the ones that he originally signed, even if it meant stealing them.
As of Sept. 20, Simpson, 60 years young, was charged with armed robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, coercion with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, conspiring to kidnap, conspiring to commit robbery, conspiring to commit a crime, burglary and kidnapping. O.J. has already proven to us that he can get away with murder; maybe he will shock the world again.
He was released on bail at $125,000 and enjoyed a wonderful trip to the airport from the courthouse accompanied by stalking media helicopters that followed his every move.
I hope I see constant coverage of his case on CNN’s ticker. It’s quite fascinating how a grown man can be so dumb as to rob another person at gunpoint unmasked, when the man holding the gun is a well-known and hated celebrity. It’s the stupidity of the crime that keeps me interested in the case. I just can’t understand why someone would go to such lengths to ensure his own guilt.
Here’s what will happen to O.J.: He will be found guilty of all charges and sentenced to life in prison; he will live in a cell designed specifically to fit every one of his needs; after a few years, he will be released on probation for good behavior; his return to society will mark an end of his criminal ways because, well, he will be too old to kill or commit any form of burglary.
I don’t see O.J. getting away with it this time. If he does, God help our justice system. He won’t have Johnny Cochran by his side to save him with witty rhymes. He should realize it’s not worth the embarrassment. The gloves fit this time, O.J.; there’s no escaping the inevitable.
Brian Nguyen is a third-year political science major.