Book Review: Anatomy of a Boyfriend

Since we were little, we have been told stories about big white castles, beautiful princesses rescued by handsome Prince Charmings, love at first sight and happily-ever-after. We listened to these stories attentively, curiously, and, in a sense, we believed in them, wishfully connecting our lives to the fairytales, innocently hoping for some kind of prince.
And even when we grow up and learn that these stories are fictional, there’s a child in all of us that innocently wishes and hopelessly waits for our own Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet. Then one day it happens: that ‘perfect’ person comes along.
In our minds, we create the big castle and the white horse because we want so badly to believe they’re there. After all, there is a special connection, the kind that makes your hands sweat and your heart pound.
And because he is definitely a sweeper at the moment, we don’t doubt, we don’t assume, we don’t even think about the end, we just plunge uncontrollably into pure bliss. Then reality sets in, and we learn that nothing lasts forever. The happily-ever-after slips away, and we don’t know why. Harsh realization: life’s no fairytale.
That is where Daria Snadowsky comes in. Not only does her contemporary teen novel, ‘Anatomy of a Boyfriend’, realistically reveal the exhilaration and agony of young love, but it also boldly exposes the sexual journey that comes along with it – the emotional and physical pains of the first time.
She doesn’t try to sugar coat the reality of romance