Fall TV Premieres

This year’s network premiere week featured some new television shows with great potential, and some that hopefully will soon by canceled and forgotten. Many returning favorites instantly lured audiences back into the story lines. One thing is certain: great new stories in our beloved adventures are about to unfold.

‘Dirty Sexy Money’
Wednesday 10 p.m., ABC

‘Dirty Sexy Money’ is reminiscent of like classic prime time soap operas as ‘Dynasty.’ The show centers on the filthy rich, extremely-spoiled Darling family. Naturally, each character has his or her secrets. While the premise may have been done several times before, the show’s characters make ‘Money’ work.
Each character sparkles in his or her own way. Peter Krause of ‘Six Feet Under’ returns to television as the Darling’s new family lawyer and do-gooder Nick George. Jeremy Darling (Seth Gabel), the wild and crazy drug-head son, and Tripp Darling (Donald Sutherland), head of the family with a kind demeanor and yet controlling undertone, stand out, adding a lot of snap to their dialogue and storyline. While the pilot does have its flaws, this show seems very promising.

Monday, 9 p.m., NBC

NBC’s super hero hit returned Monday night with a slow and uneventful episode. This season features many new characters. In last Monday’s first episode entitled ‘Four Months Later’ we met Maya and Alejandro Herrera. The two are on the run in South America because Maya keeps accidentally killing people with her powers. Other new cast members will include Kristen Bell, formerly of ‘Veronica Mars,’ and Dana Davis. Little, however, is known about what role these characters will be playing in the series.
A potential problem with the series adding more characters to an already crowded cast is that there may be less overall development. The premiere episode featured only half of the heroes. With so many subplots, the overall story may become more difficult to follow.
Also, many of the new story arcs that are developing are somewhat predictable. This includes the storyline where Hiro (Masi Oka) meets his idol, Takezo Kensei (David Anders from ‘Alias’), only to discover that he is not as great as he thought.
This sort of storyline has been tried many times before. Still, the audience is ready to go along for the ride. The last scene of the night, where it is revealed that Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) is not only alive but also has a new look, is sure to have audiences anxious for the upcoming episodes.
Though the premiere episode lacks for which ‘Heroes’ is known, the introduction of new characters plus the ongoing conflicts between Horn-Rimmed Glasses and the Company should provide for some highly spectacular new episodes.

Monday, 10 p.m., NBC

‘Journeyman’ follows Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd), a man who begins to sporadically go back in time and save people’s lives. The storyline is very reminiscent of TNT’s ‘The Dead Zone.’ In fact, McKidd looks very similar to ‘Zone’s’ leading man Anthony Michael Hall.
In addition to its similarity to ‘Zone,’ the story arcs lack as well. A lot of the pilot episode was very confusing and not well constructed. This is seen in the bizarre love triangle between Dan, his wife and his ex-girlfriend from the past. Most of ‘Journeyman’ is very complicated and nonsensical. This new drama was highly uneven and full of plot holes.

Monday, 8 p.m., NBC

‘Chuck’ is actually cute, quirky and worth watching. The show centers on Chuck (Zachary Levi), an average computer nerd working at a Best Buy-like store who accidentally gets all of the governments secrets downloaded into his brain. Now he has no choice but to help CIA spies bring down international bad guys. While this plot may sound over-the-top or even absurd, Levi’s likable charm really carries the show. ‘Chuck’ is an enjoyable show with a lot of potential.

‘The Bionic Woman’
Wednesday, 9 p.m., ABC

‘The Bionic Woman’ premiere provided a lot of action and intrigue to make it a worthy update of the classic original TV show. The show centers on Jamie Sommers, played by Michelle Ryan, a woman who is in a car crash and rebuilt with bionic parts giving her super speed, hearing and vision.
The action and adventure sequences are well-executed. Ryan’s character is interesting and emotional as she deals with her new identity. She is somewhat similar to Jennifer Garner’s beloved Sydney Bristow on ‘Alias.’ Not all of the characters, however, are as likable. Becca, Jamie’s sister, is the typical obnoxious teenager. She is mostly just annoying when she is on screen. Overall, ‘The Bionic Woman’ adds a nice burst of energy to this season’s lineup.

The Office
Thursday, 9 p.m., NBC

‘The Office’ is that rare show that is able to pull off almost any situation. It proved this at the start of its fourth season when Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer), the show’s two main love interests, finally get together.
On any other comedy, this plot development would spell doom because it would lead to emotional moments instead of comedic ones. Yet ‘The Office’ managed to pull off a gut-wrenchingly hilarious season premiere.
A lot of possible storylines are already opening up to take the place of the previously predominant ‘Jam,’ (as fans like to call the couple). Angela (Angela Kinsey) and Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) relationship seems to be on the rocks since Dwight killed her beloved cat. Andy (Ed Helms) comforts her in her time of need, which could lead to an extremely disturbing love triangle.
Also, the storylines involving Ryan (‘Office’ writer B.J. Novak) as the new boss and Jan (Melora Hardin) as a broken homemaker are sure to lead to hilarity. Most of these storylines should be unfolding in the weeks to come. The next three episodes will be one hour long.
Hopefully, there will be more signs of Jim and Pam’s healthy relationship as they come up with new and more creative ways to prank Dwight and the rest of their office mates during the rest of the fourth season.