From Start to Finish, Auto Show Leads the Way

The 2008 model Orange County Auto Show attempts to prove that auto shows are much more than just multiple showrooms lined end-to-end in a convention center.
The show, which takes over the Anaheim Convention Center from Thursday, Oct. 4 to Sunday, Oct. 7, will feature Eight Minute Dating, rocky off-road rides on a manufactured course and some of the latest concept cars, in addition to the chance to get inside almost every production car available in Orange County.
For this year’s four-day-run, the Orange County Auto Show continues its College Two-For Day tradition, in which those who show their student ID when purchasing admission on Thursday, Oct. 4 will receive a second adult ticket for free.
Besides presenting production cars that look better under the lights of an auto show, most shows also include a separate area to highlight aftermarket trends, including ear-melting sound systems, massive wheels that cost as much as a Toyota Corolla and much more.
Al & Ed’s Autosound Auto Show Underground fits the bill here with two bikini contests, rides customized by celebrities like Snoop Dogg and more