Into the ‘Rabbit Hole’

David Lindsay-Abaire’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ has a screenplay that is nearly flawless. Though UC Irvine’s interpretation of the play is far from Lindsay-Abaire’s original, it is directed by the founding chair of the drama department, Robert Cohen, and features some of the best talent UCI has to offer.
Lindsay-Abaire’s play revolves around a young married couple coping with the loss of their 4-year-old son Danny. Although Danny passed away eight months ago, the couple and their family still struggle to avoid arguing about the event and what they could have done to prevent it.
‘Rabbit Hole’ is a realist play. Its portrayal of a family is agonizingly accurate and the depth of the characters is astounding. Each character has flaws and gray areas, which creates complex interactions between the characters. That depth and imperfection is what creates the realistic humanity of these characters and makes them relatable to the audience.
The many layers that these characters hold should be credited to not only the playwright but also the amazing cast. Filled with UCI’s graduate student actors, the play’s cast was expected to be good. However, this cast has far surpassed all expectations.
Everyone in the show had his or her shining moments. During her failed birthday party, Jamie Elvey as Izzy Wamie was hilarious as she whined about the awful time she had and the awful shower set she received as a present. Katie Duthler portrayed Danny’s stubborn and hurt mother so well that the audience want to scream in frustration at her actions (her argument with her mother Nat – Tira Palmquist