Rock ‘N Roll’s Fate in 2008

Death Cab For Cutie has come a long way from its first album, ‘You Can Play These Songs With Chords,’ released on cassette in 1997.
The band took some time off this year and wrote separately before it all came together. The musicians made magic happen with their eighth full-length record, their second Atlantic Records album release. In need of some time to reacquaint themselves with reality, mow lawns and be suburbanites for the sake of sanity, the band members have been taking stock of the surreal year that shot them to the top of the charts.
There is no word yet on future releases from The Postal Service. With the busy schedule Death Cab will create for Ben Gibbard, his side project brainchild will more than likely be put on the back burner until later.
Royal namesakes Franz Ferdinand made a big stink in early 2004 with its self-titled premiere, a pleasant auditory assault. On the other hand, ‘You Could Have It So Much Better,’ from 2005, was not up to the standards fans expected.
It’s been a while, but we can all take comfort in the fact that Alex Kapranos produced LPs for The Cribs, while Franz covered hits by David Bowie and LCD Soundsystem. Franz Ferdinand’s third album is heavily in the works now that the band has tested its new material in the labs of music festivals and shows across the globe, particularly ‘A New Thrill,’ which is based on characters from Truman Capote’s ‘In Cold Blood.’
Rumored working album titles are floating around the Internet but the band confirms nothing. We can, however, dust off our go-go boots and bring out the nightclub glitter, as they promise that their third album will be full of synthesizers and definitely danceable.
Maybe Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo is done being Ace Freely or a member of the Wu-Tang Clan (what with signing his Web site blogs as ‘R-Dawg’) and we will get something new out of everybody’s favorite album makers of the 1990s.
Cuomo has confirmed album production on the band’s Web site, the band having spent the latter half of 2007 recording with promises of an early 2008 sixth album release.
When Radiohead made us feel good about ourselves for being weirdos, outcasts and, well, creeps in 1992, the UK charts did not take to their kind. ‘NME’ discounted its musicianship and the radio was not into exercising listeners’ depression.
Kids out here in the US, however, slapped that single on MTV so fast that they were shaking with excitement by the time Radiohead’s 1993 tour crossed the pond.
Since then, the band has skyrocketed to fame with an eerie buzz about its cryptic messages to its fandom, creating an entire Web site at Dead Air Space to promote its new school of Radiohead cryptographic thought. It is this site that has clued us in to the hush-hush speculations of a seventh album. This past June, guitarist Ed O’Brien explained that the band is ‘nearly there’ with its upcoming 2008 album release.
Thankfully, we have the plethora of excellent tunes 2007 brought us, especially over the summer months. Nearly every release was a much-anticipated album from newcomers and good ole favorites alike.
Taking the likes of French electro-pop duo Air up a few dance-beat notches, Justice released its first full-length album ‘Cross [