Cheney’s True Priority is Fringe Right

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And where there’s a super-secret, arch-conservative cabal, there’s Vice President Dick Cheney.
Vice President Cheney addressed the Council for National Policy in Utah on Sept. 28. When a prominent politician joins forces with a powerful policy organization, both the politician and the group usually clamor for coverage of the event. But in Cheney’s case, the media was not invited. In fact, it was not even welcomed.
‘The media should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before or after a meeting,’ cautions the Council’s list of rules, which was published in The New York Times in 2004. The membership list is ‘strictly confidential.’ The guest list is subject to ‘the unanimous approval of the executive committee.’ In e-mails to each other, members may not call the group by name in order to shut the tap on leaks.
‘Government that is open and honest will always be able to withstand the light of day,’ said Texas Governor Rick Perry. And American comedian Steve Martin stated, ‘A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.’ Cheney’s unpublicized speech before an