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Halo 3 ‘Masters’ Gaming with ‘Chiefly’ Awesome 360 Experience

At midnight on Sept. 24 2007, video gamers across the globe released a collective gasp of anticipation: Halo 3 had been unleashed upon the world.
Selling over $170 million in games in the first 24 hours, Halo 3 has surpassed every opening-day entertainment record.
Halo 3 achieved these record numbers with three different game packages: the $60 standard format, the $70 limited edition (complete with bonus disc) and the $130 legendary edition, whose game and bonus discs are contained in a scale replica of Master Chief’s helmet.
The game is a first-person shooter covering 10 levels of the single-player story that concludes the Halo trilogy. The game follows the genetically-advanced super soldier Master Chief as he finishes the conflict between humanity and the malevolent alien force known as the Covenant.
Halo 3 boasts a slew of new features, such as online multiplayer cooperative play on the single-player campaign and game replay videos that can be recorded and shared online, but the real gem is the new multiplayer mode Forge.
A combination level editor and multiplayer death-match, Forge allows players to switch between soldier and robot administrator characters to drop in various level items