MTV’s Reality Show ‘The Hills’ is Not Alive With the Sound of Music

There is a major chance my column this week will come off to some people as the most uninteresting read ever. I would be lying if I said that I did not understand where you were coming from. In fact, the said reader is probably much more mature and has more of a life than I do, but I digress.
I am choosing to vent this week about a little show known as ‘The Hills’ and a huge network known as MTV. If it hadn’t been around for so long, I would bet money that many of us would have a difficult time figuring out what exactly the ‘M’ stands for. This is because MTV has become a station that is hardly about music at all. Yes, I realize that this is something that has irritated many people for several years, so why am I bringing it up now? Because I am a hypocrite and have recently begun watching ‘The Hills.’ As embarrassed as I am to admit to this guilty pleasure, I feel it is necessary to prove my point.
If you are not up to date on the ‘reality show’ that is ‘The Hills,’ allow me to give you a brief synopsis. In the hot seat is Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad, a pretty girl working at Teen Vogue under her boss (and friend), Whitney. On the side are Audrina, her lifeless roommate who is dating Justin, a guy just as exciting, and the couple from hell, Spencer and Heidi. Heidi was LC’s best friend but ditched her for Spencer, causing major drama.
Are you following? Ever since Heidi and Lauren’s falling out, the show has become one big boxing match between the two girls, with Spencer and Audrina coaching from the sidelines.
Sound interesting? Sure, if this show were a drama (‘Dawson’s Creek,’ anyone?) and actually admitted to being one. What irritates me is that this is called a reality show.
This is extremely hard to believe when the emotions are completely artificial (or just lacking altogether) and the events are all too planned.
Exhibit A: Lauren and an ex-boyfriend Jason are at a swanky restaurant, only to run into Heidi and Spencer, dining at the exact same eatery and resulting in an uncomfortable confrontation. I am all for coincidences, but how big is Los Angeles? I think it’s big enough for this situation to be highly unlikely.
Another example is when Spencer passively mentions that he has not told his parents about his engagement to Heidi and would like to wed in Tibet. Seriously?
Needless to say, I am very bothered that a network that prided itself on showcasing music has resorted to shows such as this and has the nerve to call it reality. I suppose I am angrier with MTV than the actual show because the network is creating this drama and overlooking its original purpose: music. Another example: after suffering through this year’s Video Music Awards and cringing at Britney’s train wreck of a performance, I realized, perhaps a bit late, that music is merely a small aspect of MTV. The actual awards show, originally meant to celebrate music, was an afterthought to the tacky parties being thrown by various artists, and that is sad.
‘The Hills’ is just another incredibly lame attempt to gain viewers through another reality show. I would like to know where MTV’s priorities went because it started to create, at some point, unnecessary (not to mention fake) shows, forcing music to take a back seat.
As far as I am concerned, that ‘M’ stands for ‘moronic.’
Don’t even get me started on ‘Next’ and ‘Newport Harbor’.