Songs About Girls

It has been hard to escape and the influence he is having on current pop and hip-hop music. He has produced tracks for a wide variety of artists including The Game, Common, Macy Gray and of course Fergie. And, as the leader of the Black Eyed Peas, he has been the topic of much discussion among the hip-hop community. Now it is his turn to put out a solo effort.
With a few exceptions, proves that you can take an overused subject like women and make it sound fresh and entertaining.
The album starts strongly with the opening tracks ‘Over’ and ‘Heartbreaker.’ Despite the fact that the content of these songs are oppose other, they let the listener know that is making the topic of women sound like a new idea in music. ‘Heartbreaker’ sounds especially silky smooth.Even ‘Get Your Money,’ which sounds like its been done by G-Unit at least 60 times, sounds inoffensive and incredible.
Although I love many of the songs on ‘Songs About Girls,’ the two standouts are ‘One More Chance’ and ‘Impatient.’ ‘Impatient’ has more Andre 3,000-type crooning than anything but the Jamiroquai-like production is heaven to your ears. ‘One More Chance’ sounds like the single that should have been. It is catchy enough to be a hit.
With the exceptions of the dumbfounding ‘The Donque Song’ and the obnoxiously Fergielicious track ‘I Got it From My Mama,’ the album is excellent BEP style fun. ‘I Got it From My Mama’ is’s way of announcing that he is releasing a solo album. It lost him an Anteater head in rating, but helped him sell a million more CDs. ‘The Donque Song’ is even more senseless. Still, Snoop Dogg’s verse does save the song from being an absolute waste.
Although Kanye West is a much better lyricist than, both do a great job of hiding their limitations as rappers with the incredible quality of their production. Although it is not as unique as West’s ‘Graduation,’ the production on ‘Songs About Girls’ is better (and less pretentious) than Timbaland’s ‘Shock Value.’
Another thing that helps sell his records