Student Center Spells Convenience

As the long-awaited grand opening of UC Irvine’s spectacular new student center draws near, students and faculty are slowly beginning to enjoy its convenience and luxury. From the extra study and game rooms to the new food courts, this new and beautiful addition to our campus provides a convenient place to study, surf the Web, bank, make travel arrangements, eat, schedule events or simply relax with a friend. While many of these activities can also be arranged elsewhere, the convenience and comfortable ambience of the student center can certainly not be found in any other single location on campus.
A student center of this size brings with it the opportunity for more on-campus jobs as well as new positions with much more responsibility. One such position is that of special events manager and campus concierge, which is filled by Colleen Suyenaga.
Suyenaga helps plan and coordinate services for events at the student center as well as other parts of campus. An alumna of UCI, Suyenaga takes great pride in being a part of the new student center’s growth. ‘We were getting by okay before,’ Suyenaga claimed, ‘but now we have so much more to offer students