UCI Opens Center for Medical Treatment of Stuttering

To help combat stuttering, the UC Irvine Medical Center recently opened a unique center providing medical treatment and medication therapy for people who suffer from this problem. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Center for the Medical Treatment of Stuttering took place Thursday, Oct. 4, and played host to community members and representatives from the National Stuttering Association.
The center is the first in the world dedicated to improving speech fluency using mainly pharmacologic and potentially biological treatments. Biological treatments and medications made from proteins found in the body naturally are being studied for their effectiveness in the treatment of stuttering. All patients who visit the center will receive a one-of-a-kind combination of services guaranteed to be the latest in scientific research and medical advancement available anywhere.
‘We are tremendously proud to announce the opening of this new center,’ stated Maureen Zehntner, the interim chief executive officer of UCI Healthcare. ‘Patients who come here for treatment will meet experts who understand the complexities of their disorder and who are passionate about patient care