An Imperfectly Imagined Future

The past’s perceptions of the future are not always 100 percent accurate. All one needs to do to realize this is to look at the film ‘The Transformers: The Movie.’ No, not the one released this summer, but the original animated version that was released in 1986. This futuristic epic was set not hundreds of years in the future, but rather in 2005, which is now our past. Funny, because I don’t remember any giant, shape shifting robots or planet eating monsters around two years ago, do you?
Mankind has long been obsessed with the future, dating back centuries and even millenniums. In one article that appeared in a 1900 edition of the Ladies’ Home Journal, a series of predictions for the 20th century were made. While it may be fun to believe that all past predictions of the future are as outlandish as ‘The Jetsons,’ such articles prove that this is not the case.
Aside from the fantastic visual depictions of the future used in entertainment, humanity has also often looked at the scientific progress made in modern times and has made logical predictions based on what is known and what is being studied. For instance, the article that appeared in Ladies’ Home Journal accurately foretold the coming of fast food and the widespread use of airplanes.
However, as may be expected, people are bound to make a few, if not many, mistakes when they are essentially guessing what will come tomorrow. Even Nostradamus has foretold of many events which baffled even his most devout followers.
One work that examines the more comical side of perceptions of the future