Arroyo Vista Poorly Built, Renovation Underway

A thorough investigation has been initiated at Arroyo Vista, one of UC Irvine’s undergraduate housing communities, after recent rumors were spread about potential ‘sinking’ due to supposed location on a ‘marshland.’
In a report for the Nov. 14, 2006 meeting of the Regents Committee on Grounds and Buildings, chaired by Joanne Kozberg, the committee concluded that the problems at Arroyo Vista were a result of poor construction and not its location on a marshland.
The original AV complex was built in two phases. The first opened in 1993 with 35 houses, and the second was completed in 2004 with an additional seven houses. The complex is now comprised of 42 houses and accommodates 990 students.
However, soon after the completion of the first phase of AV, numerous minor building problems began to surface. After five years, serious construction defects were noted, including: improperly installed windows, poorly constructed roofs, shower pans and tiles, deterioration of the structure due to faulty construction of the wooden staircases and bridges, an outdated fire alarm and leaks and water damage due to inadequate plumbing.
With maintenance nearly impossible, UCI filed a lawsuit against the original builder of Phase I. Of the resulting $11 million settlement, $6 million was immediately put toward litigation costs and urgent repairs and $5 million is still set aside for future repairs.
The committee initiated a project to renovate the 800-bed Phase I of AV