Cheers! Anthill Pub and Grill

Students have been anxiously waiting for the reopening of the Anthill Pub and Grill since the original closed down two-and-a-half years ago. Now it is (almost) back and it promises to be better than ever.
For starters, the old pub’s draft system was expanded one tap at a time and consequently ‘was a real pain in the neck because the system was never balanced,’ said Scott Winterstein, the general manager. There were problems with foamy beer before, but the new system is completely integrated and should run smoothly.
This beloved establishment operated for 14 years before shutting down in 2005 for the expansion of the Student Center. It is now slated to reopen on Oct. 22, returning with 30 taps, three flat screen TVs, a new catered menu and much more.
Winterstein explained that he had hoped to open the pub by Sept. 24, but ‘the construction company was really focused on getting the West Food Court open in time for Orientation Week, so all the effort was pushed over there. For a while, nothing much was happening at the pub at all.’
However, construction work has since resumed and the process has been productive. As the final result, the pub’s 2,600 square-feet can seat 174 people and includes a stage area for bands and other performance acts.
‘We’re aiming for a really relaxed environment where the people behind the bar are your friends.’
Just what kind of brews do your friends at Anteater Pub and Grill have to offer? Well, the pub prides itself on being a ‘swill-free zone,’ meaning that there will be no Budweiser or Miller. ‘You can find that stuff anywhere. These taps [are] just for the good stuff,’ Winterstein said.
The selection will mostly consist of quality California microbrews, but there will also be some from out of state, as well as a few international imports. A few of the domestic breweries include the award-winning Avery Brewery, AleSmith and Bear Republic.
Before the quarter began, bartenders bonded by attending the Stone Brewery anniversary party in San Diego.
‘There were dozens of booths from different breweries and we got to sample beer all day,’ said enthusiastic fourth-year literary journalism major Megan Brescini. ‘There was a wide variety of beers