It’s Good to be Uncomfortable: What Happens When I Don’t Plan

There is a popular saying that starts with ‘the best laid plans.’ In truth, I am probably one of the most organized, focused people you will ever meet. I am a stickler for having concrete plans and using time efficiently. Some might even call me tightly-wound, and frankly, they might be right. However, this weekend, I decided to go completely against my better judgment by not planning anything. This was not an easy task for me; we plan-oriented people are a unique and anal-retentive bunch who have a difficult time changing, but I was confident that it could be done.
So here I am, in a car, on my road trip to Kansas.
I mean, sure, I packed for the trip, but that is about it. I am visiting my best friend in Colorado for the weekend. Simply put, we plan as much as we possibly can. Routine, in our opinions, is the best thing since plastic bags. It can, however, also be our downfall. We agree that oftentimes we do not enjoy life as much due to this slightly neurotic quality that we share. So, following the euphoria of being reunited after a few months (think obnoxious, 12