Jimmy Eat World Sing ‘A Praise Chorus’ at HOB

Since 1994, Jimmy Eat World has consistently produced hits. From ‘Static Prevails’ to its most recent album ‘Chase This Light,’ the band has been rocking alternative music fans’ hearts out.
Jimmy Eat World came together in Mesa, Ariz. in 1993. There has been much speculation about the origins of the band’s name. Some say it is a tribute to the Jewish religion, the first letters in each word spell JEW, and others believe it is the work of lead singer/guitarist Jim Adkins. The actual story behind the name is very interesting and quite childish. Guitarist Tom Linton’s younger brothers, Ed and Jimmy, fought constantly. Larger Jimmy would always win, and in an act of revenge Ed drew a crayon drawing of Jimmy shoving the earth in his mouth with the caption reading ‘Jimmy eat world.’
Given its success, one can say Jimmy Eat World has been eating the rock world. In 1998, the band released its second album, ‘Clarity,’ which put the band on the map. The band members first found themselves playing in venues with as few as 50 people, but after word got out, those numbers increased to about 1,000.
After newfound success, the band left its indie label and signed with DreamWorks with 2001’s ‘Bleed American.’ Jimmy Eat World was thrown into the new ’emo’ genre. However, with more upbeat songs like ‘A Praise Chorus’ and