Manny Being Manny, Steinbrenner Being Ignorant

In two predictable events this past week, Manny Ramirez showed his laid-back demeanor while George Steinbrenner exerted his tyranny.
On Thursday, Oct. 18, Boston Red Sox outfielder and perennial All-Star Manny Ramirez shocked the Red Sox nation by concluding that the world would not self-destruct upon the possible defeat of the Red Sox in this season’s playoffs. Naturally, this caused quite an uproar.
Needless to say, Boston is the most demanding sports city on Earth. To hear one of its own stars proclaim that ‘there’s always next season,’ and remark that if they lose the series to Cleveland, ‘It’s not like it’s the end of the world’ is just blasphemy.
Fortunately for Ramirez, he’s completely impervious to accusations of not caring