Shocktoberfest Preview with Pigeon John and Jupiter Rising

The year’s second annual Shocktoberfest takes place at the Student Center on Oct. 26 from 7 to 11 p.m. It is a campus-wide Halloween-themed event that features student organization booths, performances, a haunted house and After Shock, an afterparty dance in the Pacific Ballroom from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.
The event will be the grand finale of the weeklong festivities celebrating the grand opening of the Student Center and will have performances by Lupe Fiasco, Pigeon John and Jupiter Rising. The New University got exclusive interviews with Pigeon John and Jupiter Rising, this year’s opening acts.

Pigeon John

New U: How’d you get that name?

Pigeon: Pretty much my aunt named me. Unfortunately, I need a street name.

New U: What was it like growing up in Inglewood, Cali.?

Pigeon: I love Inglewood. It was a culture shock big-time because I’m a bi-racial from Nebraska. When I moved to Inglewood, I was the white boy of the hood.

New U: Who are some of the artists you collaborated with on your new record ‘Pigeon John…And the Summertime Pool Party?’

Pigeon: RJD2 got on the record, and Brother Ali. I met these dudes on the road and I wanted to work with people I knew personally.

New U: What’s ‘Doing the Pigeon?’

Pigeon: Trying to be original, trying to be myself. When the artist let’s his guard down, the crowd does the same thing. I try to make the show as personal as possible, like dudes just hanging out.

Jupiter Rising

New U: How did you guys meet?

Spencer: We had a lot of mutual friends. We pretty much ran in the same pack.

New U: Who are your influences?

Spencer: I basically listened to A Tribe Called Quest growing up. When I got into college, I was really into underground and the mainstream. And I got into Chad and Pharrell of the ‘Neptunes.’ They’re dope.

Jessie: I started out with a lot of blues like Memphis Minnie and Big Mama Thorton. Then I got into classic rock like Janis Joplin and Hendrix. When I went to college, I really got into the Roots hardcore, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. I discovered D’Angelo and lost my mind.

New U: How would you describe your new album ‘Electropop’?

Spencer: It’s a very organic record; it definitely doesn’t sound like what’s typical right now. We weren’t out to go to make a super crazy record, and be super different. It just developed on its own.