The number of musical performers increased, more dance groups performed and more people came at this year’s Shocktoberfest. The intersection of Pereira and West Peltason was closed for the main stage with performances by Jupiter Rising, Pigeon John and Lupe Fiasco. Students, professors and children roamed the new Student Center in costumes that ranged from a box of Nerds to an iPod.
UC Irvine’s second annual Shocktoberfest kicked off the Student Center’s grand re-opening and served as a housewarming of sorts. With a more convenient location than the ARC fields that hosted Shocktoberfest’s inaugural year, the stage was set.
This year, the event garnered much more hype due to the excitement of headliner Fiasco and the re-opening of the Student Center. The attendance increase between this year and last year was incredible.
Along with entertainment, student organizations had booths with activities and food for those in attendance. Booth games included a balloon dart toss, a no-hands apple-eating contest and apple cider pong.
A booth contest was held to award money to the winning organizations. In third place was the Flying Sams. In second place was Make-A-Wish at UCI, which had a beanbag toss along with hot cocoa and coffee. In first place was the Campus wide Honors Program with its palm reading booth.
A popular attraction was the Novint booth. The company demonstrated its new Falcon three-dimensional PC controller. Many desktops and laptops available to play games such as bowling, ping-pong, a cube puzzle game and a first-person shooting game.
Another contest included a scavenger hunt that started on Oct. 22. Students were given 16 clues to find parts of the new Student Center. Winners were announced on the side stage and two tickets to Disneyland were awarded to the first place winner.
The main attractions of the night were the dance and musical performances. With two stages to fit all eight performances, everyone was kept entertained wherever they were. Students began claiming their spots at the front of the main stage more than two hours before the first musical performance started.
Opening on the side stage was Common Ground followed by the Modern Completely Insane Anteaters and BBoys Anonymous. At around the same time, Jupiter Rising kicked off the main stage performances.
Following the dance performances, the winners of the scavenger hunt were announced. Afterwards, two surprising standouts played on either stage. Rock/hip-hop fusion Optimus performed on the side stage while quirky rapper Pigeon John won the hearts of the main-stage audience with his style and Pigeon dance.
Finally, on the main stage, the headliner dance group and musician came on. Opening for Fiasco was Kaba Modern. Going along with the Halloween theme, Kaba Modern had the entire group put on ‘Friday the 13th’ hockey masks, and strobe lights flashed on the stage while they danced to create a scary atmosphere.
After the cheering for Kaba Modern died down, the crowd began chanting, ‘Lupe! Lupe!’ Finally, the DJ played the intro to Fiasco’s ‘Food and Liquor’ and the crowd screamed in anticipation.
Fiasco came onstage and performed songs from his mix-tapes, remixes of his current songs and a preview of his album ‘The Cool,’ coming out on Dec.18. Supporting act Pigeon John said in the middle of his set, ‘Even I’m here for Fiasco.’ Despite the microphone difficulties, and Fiasco accidently calling UCI ‘UC Riverside,’ he helped make the Shocktoberfest 2007 a success.