The Knott’s Scary Farm Experience

Last year, I walked out of Knott’s Scary Farm gripping my best friend’s arm with my eyes filled with fear. I never wanted to visit that place again. Four evenings ago, this stubborn disposition succumbed to the pressure of my roommates and I agonizingly agreed, at the risk of a heart attack.
Surprisingly (you can perhaps commend the drinks I had during dinner), I had more fun than I expected. In fact, I didn’t even get that scared and my heart did not end up exploding. I did, however, hear convulsive screams of other guests, whether they were on roller coasters or suddenly spooked by the ghosts who wandered the park.
In fact, Knott’s Berry Farm resonated with spine-chilling screeches and unearthly groans in celebration of their 35th Annual Halloween Haunt. Knott’s Berry Farm has once again successfully transformed their park