Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Trick or Treat!

It’s that time of the year! The time to pull out those large ugly shirts, bright orange skirts, tall funky hats and all those other unfortunate pieces of your wardrobe that are simply too ludicrous to be worn the rest of the year because suddenly they become amazing costumes for Halloween.
Perhaps not all of us brim with Halloween spirit. Only a few of us care enough to go to Party City three weeks beforehand, just in time for that pre-Halloween discount sale to buy that ‘Lord of the Rings’ costume we’ve been planning to get for months. Then we lie shamelessly to friends by telling them we’re actually going to be Spiderman (lest someone steals our ingenious ideas) and we spend at least a hundred bucks on that killer costume because it’s all going to be really worth it on the big day.
Yes, not all of us care enough about Halloween. Some of us pull together something fun and spunky at the last minute, perhaps a crazy mask or a fancy fur boa; some of us care only about the trick-or-treating, because really, what can be better than free candy? As for the rest of us, depending on what mood we’re in, we do any of the following: make fun of other Halloween enthusiasts for the time and money they spend, stare in disbelief at that guy on campus who took a midterm dressed as a pirate (with a fake parrot on his shoulder) or perhaps, if we’re simply super-apathetic, refuse to even address the day by choosing to study the night away and eat other people’s candy over the next few weeks.
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