Cheap, Quality Food in the OC at The Art Institute’s 50 Forks

Orange County, especially South Orange County, is known for fine food. Just take a drive down Pacific Coast Highway through Laguna Beach and Newport Beach and you’ll find some great places to eat. The only problem is the bill that appears sometime toward the end of the meal. Who’s going to cover the tab? Or rather, who can actually afford a tab like that?
Fortunately, there exists a hidden gem of a restaurant in Santa Ana. Yeah, Santa Ana is no Newport Beach. However, this restaurant deserves a bit of attention all the same.
Tucked away inside The Art Institute Orange County (just a few steps beyond the reception desk) is a contemporary yet petite restaurant called 50 Forks. The place only has 13 or so tables, so it can’t accommodate too many patrons. Plus, the restaurant is only open Monday through Wednesday for lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Yet, if you have the opening in your schedule, it’s worth your time.
50 Forks is not like your average restaurant: the staff is composed of students studying culinary arts at The Art Institute. There are two instructors on hand to help guide the students if they run into any problems, though. Before culinary arts students are allowed to graduate, they must have completed a class called ‘