Don’t ‘Erase’ Your Future

The sidewalk on Anteater Plaza spoke, and it had this to say: ‘Don’t Erase Your Future.’ UC Irvine students and alumni took time to draw portraits of famous historical figures in chalk and charcoal last Thursday.
The artists were brought together by Don’t Erase Your Future, a program run by the Health Education Center to prevent suicide and increase suicide awareness on campus. Prominent figures of the past, drawn in vibrant pastel chalk on the cement of Anteater Plaza, were paired with a quote highlighting obstacles that the person overcame.
A quotation about Albert Einstein summed up the event: ‘In college, Albert Einstein failed his freshman Liberal Arts exam. What if he had committed suicide instead of going on to study physics?’
Murals of Einstein, Rosa Parks, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, Marie Curie and Martin Luther King, Jr. greeted students on Thursday, Nov. 1, as they crossed Anteater Plaza. Program officials manned a booth encouraging students to vote for their favorite drawing, and gave out various program materials. With the exception of one artist, current UCI students or alumni drew all the famous men and women.
Hannah Van Sickle, a third year studio art major, created the Einstein mural. She joined the program last year and returns to the cement canvas with enthusiasm.
‘The art aspect is really fun, but around the college campus, this is the time and place to get the message out