Letters To The Editor

I’m writing to sarcastically applaud adjunct professor Gary Fouse (Letters to the Editor, Oct. 29) for standing up and saying what only the war profiteers who are running this country have had the paychecks to say: What we need to do is think about how terrible Islamic fascists are. Mind you, he’s not talking about just any Muslims, just the fascist ones. Well my question is, why focus on Muslim fascists? Why don’t we just have a ‘Fascism Awareness Week?’
I may be out of line (the line where we wait to slander Bush) when I say this, but maybe we should make sure our democracy hasn’t been hijacked by a fascist dynasty before we go around calling the kettle black.
I feel like an echo of around 76 percent of the population when I recite this ‘liberal, politically correct agenda.’ Maybe ‘it takes no courage to bash America or Bush on a college campus,’ but to defy the popular opinion for courage’s sake should be a fallacy reserved for indie rock DJs and YouTube elitists. Being unpopular is only cool when you’re ahead of the curve. Wanting to hunt down Islamic fascists went out of style when we learned most of the hijackers were from our ally Saudi Arabia and Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. This isn’t America