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UC Irvine Medical Center Ranked as Top Hospital by Nursing Magazine

The UC Irvine Medical Center (UCIMC) is ranked as one of the top hospitals in Southern California by ADVANCE for Nurses Magazine.
Registered nurses participated in a poll sponsored by the magazine in which they were asked to rank 75 hospitals in the region in the five categories most important to the nursing profession.
UCI’s medical center received the highest scores across all five categories, which included professional development, communications, quality of care, organizational culture and retention efforts. Four other hospitals shared the top position with UCIMC.
The medical center at UCI was the first hospital in Orange County to be awarded Magnet designation, which is part of the Magnet Nursing Services Recognition Program for Excellence in Nursing Services from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.
This is the highest honor that an organization can receive for nursing care, and it demonstrates the medical center’s ability to attract and keep highly trained nurses by maintaining excellent conditions in management, philosophy and healthcare practices.
UCI has also shown excellence in its College of Health Sciences’ nursing program, which prepares students for administrative and research positions in the healthcare industry and academic institutions.
ADVANCE’s ranking is another stepping stone on UCIMC’s ascent to the top. Lisa Reiser, chief patient care officer and chief nursing officer for UCIMC, is pleased with the center’s ability to nurture and encourage nurses, which in turn helps everyone in the hospital, from employees to patients, ‘We are proud to be recognized by local nurses as one of the leading hospitals in the region.’

UCI ‘Haunted’ Tunnels Mentioned in Campus Ghost-lore Study

Elizabeth Tucker’s book ‘Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses’ is the first book-length interpretive study on the ghost stories of the academic world. Among other famous college ghost stories, the book presents rumors and legends surrounding UC Irvine’s tunnels.
In her book, Tucker, an associate professor of English at Binghamton University, describes campus ghostlore from the mid-1960s to 2006. However, she pays special attention to the stories that 21st century students have conveyed through e-mail and instant messages.
‘Haunted’ mentions the UCI tunnels, which are located under Ring Mall, in its section on myths about university tunnel systems and the stories created around them.