The Eagles Take You To ‘Eden’ With New Release

The last time The Eagles released a new studio album, the music of the 1980s and 1990s was not a genre. But now, 28 years later, the world-renowned rock/country group is finally back with new material to please its diverse audience with ‘Long Road Out of Eden.’
After breaking up for 14 years, The Eagles reunited in 1994 and have performed sold out shows since. Known for its flawless live performances, the band has come out with several singles and compilation CD/DVD sets since its reunion, but no completely-new studio album.
The long-awaited ‘Eden’ features twenty songs on two CDs and right away it is clear that The Eagles still nail beautiful harmonies and showcase the pleasant sound that has made them so successful. However, fans seeking another legendary classic like ‘Hotel California’ will be disappointed.
Longtime Eagles fans are sure to have a smile on their faces when listening to the classic sounding ‘Busy Being Fabulous,’ the sweet ‘No More Cloudy Days’ and the edgy ‘Fast Company.’ The fact is that nearly all of the songs on the album will grow on a listener, even with the different sounds of the individual tracks.
‘Eden’ does seem to have a slightly more country emphasis, with less hard guitar riffs as compared to earlier albums. This might be due to the absence of former guitarist Don Felder, who had more of a hard-rock style but was kicked out of the band in 2001, or simply because the band has aged into a more tempered sound.
But for those who are automatically repelled by the ‘country’ label, do not be fooled. The Eagles employ thoughtful and intellectual lyrics, in addition to the occasional ode about a lovely lady, and the degree of twang is limited so that a traditionally non-country listener can also enjoy the songs.
None of the songs are bad enough to be classified as ‘filler.’ Some tracks, such as ‘What Do I Do With My Heart,’ sound too much like Phil Collins, while Joe Walsh’s ‘Last Good Time in Town’ experiments with a more modern editing effect and echo