Tuition Rising Too Fast

There isn’t anything new about being in college and being impecunious. There is something new, however, about graduating from college with more debt than many families. Students today are faced with financial challenges that no other generation before them had to face. Going to college in this country is becoming less and less of a viable opportunity at the same time that our generation is required to have at least a bachelor’s degree to earn what our parents earned with a high school diploma.
And it isn’t as if the job market is safe and sound once a student leaves the protection of the university. As localized stores are replaced by giant multinational corporations that outsource jobs daily, graduates are left to wonder where they are supposed to go and how they are supposed to pay back the enormous debt they incurred. Let’s examine how this unnecessary student debt situation started, why it continues to happen to those of us in the middle and poor classes and what we can do to subvert this oppressive system.
After the Great Depression, the government began to actually help its citizens recover from their tragic loss through social programs that continue to this day, such as welfare for the unemployed and Social Security for the elderly. Education