Flexcar Means Discounts to College Kids Without Rides

For students who are stranded without a car due to expensive parking permits and rising gasoline prices, an answer to the driving debacle has arrived: Flexcar, the rental car company that caters to college students.
Seattle-based Flexcar started its flexible hourly car rental program in 1990 and recently began offering special discounts to college campuses. It opened its Irvine office one month ago and began offering rental services for UC Irvine on Oct. 15. Since then, over 300 students have signed up for Flexcar membership.
Typically, Flexcar membership requires an annual $35 fee, but UCI students who sign up before Jan. 7, 2008 will have their membership fee waived for the first year. Once a student signs up, information and a key card are mailed to his or her home.
The key card is coded to the student’s account