Kappa Sigma: Greek Community Damaged

Mike Nemzek had one hell of a Friday morning. At 11 a.m., the fourth-year president of Kappa Sigma was just waking up and relishing the prospects of a lazy day off from midterms. Still pajama-clad, Nemzek was in the throes of deliberation between eating a leisurely breakfast or lunch when his brief holiday was suddenly terminated by a timid knock on the door of the K Sig house.
The economics major was greeted by a demure, blond second-year accompanied by a friend. Offering her cell phone to Nemzek, she said simply, ‘Hi, I thought you might want to see this.’ Still groggy, Nemzek focused on the dim image on the cell phone screen and found himself rudely awakened by a sinking sensation in his stomach. She calmly identified the black sedan in the photo as her car and pointed to the hood, where the words ‘Kappa Sigma’ were jaggedly scrawled into the paint.
Ten minutes later, Nemzek found himself standing in the middle of the Vista del Campo Norte parking lot, where an entire row of cars was maliciously vandalized. Slashed tires, slashed convertible tops and keyed car hoods that bore the name of his fraternity were being documented by a handful of UC Irvine policemen whom Nemzek had called to the scene.
As he watched the students converse with the cops about the details of their sabotaged cars, he could only attempt to help. He approached each victim in the lot and vehemently apologized