UCIMC Fires Thirteen Nurses, Grounds Unknown

The UC Irvine Medical Center has fired 13 nurses in the last three months. UC Division Director of the California Nurses Association Beth Kean called the situation a ‘firing frenzy.’
Most recently, a nurse reported that adult doses of medication were being stored in the newborn nursery. The nurse, who had worked in the nursery for 27 years, partnered with the pharmacy to dilute a dose for an infant who needed the medication in the middle of the night, then reported it in the morning. She was fired on Oct. 23 for ‘a minor charting inconsistency,’ according to Kean.
Although the hospital cannot comment on specific firings due to a university-wide employee confidentiality policy, Susan Mancia, assistant director of media relations for UCI Healthcare, said, ‘Our mission is to provide patients with high-quality care. Each Medical Center employee