Lewis Leads in Cole Porter Classic

Mitch Lewis, a fourth-year drama major, makes his debut as leading man in UC Irvine’s musical ‘Anything Goes.’ Lewis plays Billy Crocker, a lovesick broker who stows away on a ship in pursuit of his beloved. The New University sat down with Lewis in an exclusive interview taking us behind-the-scenes of ‘Anything Goes.’
New University: You play the lead role for the first time in ‘Anything Goes.’ How was that?
Mitch Lewis: I thought it was going to be this great thing! But honestly, it is a lot of work! The directors have really pushed me. But I enjoy every moment of it!
New U: What did you do to prepare for the role?
Lewis: ‘Anything Goes’ is not something we normally work on in our classes. We work on honest people, the real nitty-gritty character acting. ‘Anything Goes’ is a very stylized show. The jokes are played to the audience. We rely so much on their energy. We actually have this competition within the cast members of who can make the audience and other cast members laugh the most.
New U: Did you always imagine yourself as an actor?
Lewis: Yeah. I have been acting since I was six years old. What really sealed it for me was high school