Morrison Breaks Barriers with ‘Seeds of Peace’

Award-winning Dateline NBC political correspondent Keith Morrison visited UC Irvine on Thursday, Nov. 15 as the first lecturer in the campus’s 2007-2008 Dialogue on Democracy and Islam.
Entitled ‘A Story about the Children of Israel and Palestine,’ the event was organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD). One of 15 Organized Research Units (ORU) established and funded by UCI, and the same group that invited former president Jimmy Carter to speak last May, the center aims ‘at improving the democratic process in the United States and expanding democracy around the world.’
Morrison’s lecture was held at Crystal Cove Auditorium during a micropolitics class taught by William R. Schonfeld, a professor of political science and the director of CSD. The lecture hall was crowded with Schonfeld’s students, members of the CSD and various other UCI affiliates.
In an interview with a Canadian newspaper, Morrison said that ‘the great satisfaction for working with Dateline is to start at one end and follow it all the way through