Whole Foods: Wholly Everything You Could Want or Need

Judging by my past Turkey Days, Thanksgiving is broken down into three parts: shopping for groceries, cooking said groceries and eating whatever the hell happens to come out of the oven and off the stove. Hey, let’s be honest. I’m not ragging on the tradition of Thanksgiving, just those family members who can’t cook (yet refuse to not help out in the kitchen during the holiday affair).
The above equation implies that America’s most time-honored tradition begins with and relies on shopping. Yeah! However, the shopping is for groceries, so there may not be much enthusiasm. Trying to knock down every item on the shopping list can feel more like a chore than joyous volunteer work (not that it’s always a volunteer situation, since so much of it is a dangerous combination of forced labor and guilt). However, it’s all in the name of upholding tradition and celebrating American culture, right?
Well, not if Whole Foods Market has anything to do with it. Chances are, you’ve never seen a grocery store like this one. The place calls itself a market, but it is so much more. Talk about being humble. You’ll probably catch yourself roaming the aisles with an open mouth and a sense of astonishment