Wristcutters: A True Love Story

Cameron Crowe’s ‘Almost Famous’ took home a well-deserved Oscar for best screenplay in 2001. Besides being a gem of a story, the film also had a gem of an actor, Patrick Fugit a new face in Hollywood. Since then, Fugit has starred in offbeat films like ‘White Oleander’ (2002), ‘Spun’ (2002) and ‘Saved!’ (2004). None were as memorable as his performance in ‘Almost Famous,’ but his latest film ‘Wristcutters: A Love Story’ is definitely a close second.
This time around, Fugit plays Zia, a depressed character who kills himself to escape the pain in his life. After slitting his wrists, he finds himself in an odd, purgatory-style desert wasteland. It’s a bland, washed-out world compared to that from which he came. Zia immediately expresses his dissatisfaction with having ‘offed’ himself but fears that if he were to commit suicide once again, he might just end up stuck in some place worse.
Zia’s nostalgia for his old, pre-suicide life runs deeper than simply dislike for his newfound homeland, which is populated with other suicide cases. As clich