Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Campus Graffiti Vandals Arrested

A UC Irvine studio arts major was recently charged for tagging graffiti in the Claire Trevor School of Arts, School of Humanities and areas in the city of Costa Mesa. The student was one of two graffiti offenders arrested by the UCI and Costa Mesa Police Departments.
Instances of graffiti have been prevalent on buildings and other structures throughout the UC Irvine campus. This is the first instance in which an arrest was made for the crime.
‘Two different individuals were arrested and some cases were filed. We continue to see [if other cases of graffiti are linked to these individuals]. There are a number of instances throughout Orange County,’ said UCIPD Chief Police Paul Henisey.
The individuals, whose names were not disclosed, were independently responsible for vandalizing mirrors in bathrooms and other surfaces. The cost to repair and replace the mirrors alone was over $2,500. The charges placed on the offenders are still being determined.
‘We kept all the costs [of the damages]. It was mostly mirrors but it was all over parking signs