Closing Time For Diedrich Coffee

Although its approach is more contemporary, Starbucks has certain elements that do not live up to the personal and comfortable environment that one would like to find in a coffeehouse. While it is a matter of preference, some would consider Starbucks sterile, tasteless and impersonal. However, if you don’t want to go to the Starbucks on campus, the one on Campus Plaza or the one off of Jamboree, you could just go to the Diedrich Coffee conveniently located at the University Town Center across from UC Irvine. It provides a congenial environment reminiscent of a traditional small coffee shop as well as an alternative to the progressive, businesslike atmosphere of Starbucks.
However, that will come to an end when Diedrich Coffee closes on Nov. 28. Rumor has it that Starbucks was trying to buy out the building where Diedrich Coffee was located. As a part of their expansion strategy, Starbucks has bought out all of the Diedrich coffeehouses in L.A. County, San Diego County and most of Orange County. There are two coffeehouses left in Irvine, one at the Town Center