Networks Leave Us Hanging

With the Writers Guild of America on strike, many popular television shows are without writers and consequently without new episodes. Though the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have agreed to discuss the strike on Monday, Nov. 26, many shows’ schedules have already been affected. Some might be delayed as late as fall 2008.
With that in mind, here is a list of how many episodes are left on your favorite TV shows:
‘Grey’s Anatomy’: With the possibility of a Mer-Der-Rose love triangle and the life of a character played by Seth Green in the balance, Grey’s Anatomy will not return until Dec. 6 with a new episode. Only one episode is left after that.
‘House’: There are four episodes of ‘House’ left, and in the next new episode, we will see one of the four Wannabes leave the show and a new team installed to assist House in diagnosing patients.
‘The Office’: The producers of ‘The Office’ must be kicking themselves in the posterior for airing so many one-hour episodes early in the season.
In addition, because so many of the actors on this show also work as writers, none of these actors would cross the picket line to film scripts written before the strike. There are now no more episodes left to air, and we will be without ‘Jam’ and Michael until possibly 2008.
‘Ugly Betty’: There are four episodes of the show left. With these last few episodes, we will see if Henry and Betty can have a lasting relationship and if Daniel can actually run his father’s company.
‘Lost’: None of the episodes that have been produced have aired, so we have eight new episodes to watch. ABC is still gunning for a February premiere and plans to air all of the episodes that have been produced without any delays.
‘Desperate Housewives’: There are four episodes left and we will see if the mystery behind Katherine is soon solved. This season’s mystery takes the housewives back to their desperate roots.
‘Heroes’: There are only two episodes left, and while ‘Heroes’ is arguably in a sophomore slump this season, the last couple of episodes have really made up for the lack of action early in the season. We still need to find out how Hiro confronts Adam/Takezo and if Jessica passes on the virus to others.
‘Bones’: We only have four episodes left to find out if the proposed kiss between Booth and Bones leads to something more. The new story arc of the Gormagon serial killer will set up the next few episodes, but the mystery continues as to the identity of the apprentice of Gormagon.
’30 Rock’: If the strike is not resolved soon, we will only have four episodes of Jack’s charming cut-throat executive and his straight-woman Liz. With Edie Falco guest-starring as Jack’s love interest, we have much to look forward to!
’24’: According to, Fox has postponed the upcoming season of ’24’ indefinitely. The producers do not plan to air any episodes until they are sure that all episodes will be produced and aired without delays.
‘Dirty Sexy Money’: ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ has become the show to watch this season. However, if the strike continues, only three episodes are left to air.
‘Private Practice’: The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ spin-off has come into its own and there are unfortunately only two episodes left to watch. It will be interesting to watch Sam’s reaction to Dell’s interest in Naomi, but there are only reruns for the next two weeks.
If the strike continues for the next couple of weeks or even months, we will be left without many of our favorite shows. So let’s hope that the writers and producers can come to an agreement that benefits everyone soon and we can go back to watching Jim torment Dwight!