Get Your Jazz Hands Ready:Charity Songfest 2008

For one night a year, the Bren Events Center turns into a Greek playground for UC Irvine’s fraternities and sororities. Streams of letter-clad patrons charge through the doors of the sports arena and race to make sure that their quarantined seating areas are properly secured for their respective chapters.
The tension stirs as the vast majority of the Greek community files into the rows, excitedly discussing the prospects for who will take the coveted first-place spot.
As the cavernous arena darkens, the deafening rumble of stomping feet and the war cries of each chapter are heard backstage, where cast members are applying last-minute touches of pancake makeup and zipping themselves into flamboyant costumes.
It is the apex of a yearlong wait and an unlikely marriage between stereotypes. This is Greek Songfest, and it’s back.
Songfest evokes the competitive nature typically reserved for incensed athletes. However, instead of pummeling your opponent’s face into a football field, Greeks double-pirouette the hell out of their dance routines. I assure you, ‘West Side Story’ has nothing on Songfest.
While the competition is all in good fun, it’s fierce and usually leads to hours upon hours of relentless rehearsal throughout the school year.
If you live in your chapter’s house, rest assured that you will have a permanent musical soundtrack in your brain at all times