‘Eaters Play at Led Zeppelin Reunion

As I was guiding 2,000 pounds of automotive machinery through Costa Mesa traffic, I received a call that almost made me crash my car.
‘Maya, are you sitting down?’
‘Uh, yes, I’m sitting…’
‘Well, congratulations, Maya! We’re sending you and your band to London to perform at the Led Zeppelin reunion concert and giving you $20,000 in musical equipment. You’ll be flying out in eight days.’
I graduated from UC Irvine a year-and-a-half ago. Shortly after, I was playing drums in a band called ‘paper thin walls’ with my friends Serge, Adam B, and Adam C. The music is sort of a ‘dancey indie rock’ (forgive the use of the fashionably empty descriptor ‘indie’). We practiced incessantly and started gigging pretty quickly; in fact, one of our first public performances was in the Associated Students of UCI Battle of the Bands last April.
Flash forward to September: I came across Ziddio.com, a video site featuring ‘The Led Zeppelin Dream Gig Contest.’ The prize: A chance to play at the official VIP after-party of the widely publicized Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London (plus tickets to the Zep show and $20,000 in Gibson instruments). I uploaded a video of our band thinking we had no chance. In fact, after uploading it, I completely forgot about it