Plan to Pick a Prof, Any Prof Online

As a college student, your GPA relies heavily on several different factors in your everyday life: work ethic, habits, jobs, extracurricular activities, scheduling of classes, physical and mental health, friends and boyfriends/girlfriends. However, one factor that plays a crucial role in what grade you earn is, unfortunately, something you don’t have any control over: the professor.
Everyone has had to deal with a nightmare teacher at some point in his or her schooling. Even if you have been lucky enough to escape having a bad teacher so far, then you will have one eventually.
There are the professors who give too much work, excruciatingly short deadlines, grade very harshly or put you to sleep five words into their first sentence of the day. Once you’ve slogged through an entire quarter of dealing with Satan’s schoolteacher, you may advise your friends to stay away from such a class or to save it for a more laid-back quarter. Yet advice like this can only travel so far by word-of-mouth. This is why comes in handy