Playoffs?! Oh Yeah, We’re talking about the NFL Playoffs

This time of year is not good for students. School is starting already, we’re totally over our Christmas gifts, New Year’s isn’t for another 350 and some odd days and we’re broke from buying Christmas gifts (I, especially, sympathize with all you generous boyfriends.) Hopefully, you were able to find happiness during the first week of the NFL playoffs. There was no shortage of tantalizing excitement, maddeningly bad calls, euphoric moments and unsettling disappointment. It’s just another day-in-the-life of a football fan.

The Good

1. The better team won the grudge match between Jacksonville and Pittsburgh. Once again, the score was not indicative of how obvious it was that the Jaguars were far more talented than the Steelers. Imagine how uneventful a Patriots/Steelers rematch would be. Would anyone even bother watching the Steelers get blown up by New England? Only if Anthony Smith could guarantee a victory. The Jaguars’ triumph has provided NFL fans with a highly anticipated match this Saturday