Study Hall, Ho! Searching for UC Irvine’s Best Places to Get Work Done

I am not, shall we say, exactly school-spirited. Of course, when the occasion calls for it, I will shout a ‘Go Anteaters!’ or chant ‘Iiirviiine’ with the other drones, but my love for my school has its limits. For example, after six hours of continuous lectures, the idea of sticking around campus for one second longer threatens me with self-destruction. However, even I can’t avoid being at school all of the time. There are group projects to meet over, club meetings to attend and office hours to dread. So while I’m waiting for all that to happen, my only option is to find someplace on campus to nest myself until the time comes.
It used to be that the Student Center admirably served this purpose. However, UC Irvine decided to renovate it for a few years and it all went to hell. Student Center-less, I decided to embark on my search for The Next Study Hall. So the journey began