Brave Citizens

After the digital release of its stadium rock-filled EP ‘Revolutions,’ Brave Citizens has gained the attention of students and blogs around the nation. The New University sat down with one-half of Citizens, fourth-year music major Andrew Capra, to talk about the writing process and its recent success.
New University: How did Brave Citizens come to be?
Andrew Capra: My band Hopefield was on a break for a couple months before tour this summer, and I couldn’t sit still. I had a ton of demos with different feels and styles to them that deserved to see the light of a recording. I called up my best friend Adam (who I toured and recorded with in my high school band), and we spent two weeks working on an EP.
New U: The EP, ‘Revolutions,’ was recently released, what was the recording process like?
Capra: I flew to San Francisco in July to meet up with Adam. We had the demos [already] selected, and I had written the melodies. We spent $100 on renting a room to record drums, and after that we basically lived in his house, using closets and bathrooms to record.
New U: What influenced the writing process of the record?
Capra: I wrote the material over a span of five to six months starting around February 2007. ‘Revolutions’ sort of became a ‘coming home’ album. It brought back a ton of nostalgia