Persepolis: A Graphic Girlhood

The journey from graphic novel to silver screen usually involves script alterations that sometimes change meanings found in the original text. ‘Ghost World’ materialized before our eyes with the saturated colors of Thora Birch’s skirt and Scarlett Johansson’s lipstick. In more recent years we’ve seen a particular take on the dark and eerie history of Guy Fawkes Day with ‘V for Vendetta’ put to a live-action adaptation of the graphic novel.
Now, in a world where women are more often silenced than they are heard, Marjane Satrapi lends each of those lost voices a deserved loudspeaker. A woman of Iranian and French decent, Satrapi represents the artistically enhanced individual and a clear appreciator of culture.
As a contemporary graphic novelist, children’s book author and illustrator for her comic book biography, ‘Persepolis,’ she recounts her life as a staunchly outspoken young girl growing up during the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
Her graphic novel is a compelling coming-of-age story about a young girl who encounters adversity and