UC Irvine Professor Kei Akagi Revisits Musical Roots

With his latest musical release, UC Irvine professor Kei Akagi, will revisit an old friend by covering Miles Davis’ classic jazz tune, ‘Blue in Green.’
Although Akagi may be best known around campus for his jazz classes at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, he was a well-known international jazz performer prior to coming to UCI. In fact, Akagi’s accomplishments include backing Davis as a pianist in some of the singers last performances, including the recordings ‘Live Around the World’ and ‘The Complete Miles Davis at Montreux.’
Oddly enough, the song that Akagi is revisiting was not originally recorded when Akagi worked with Davis. Instead, ‘Blue in Green’ was first recorded during Davis’ work with legendary jazz pianist Bill Evans on the 1959 release, ‘Kind of Blue,’ which became a triple-platinum album.
Although not appearing on the original album, having toured with Davis extensively in the late 1980s, Akagi is well-acquainted with the composition. Still, this version of the song will have a refreshing twist through focusing on piano, bass and drums while modifying Davis’ original trumpet arrangement.