When the Chips Are Down, True Professionals Rise to the Top

It took two major injuries to Green Bay’s runningbacks to give Ryan Grant a chance to play in the NFL. As an undrafted rookie runningback from Notre Dame, Grant enjoyed a season that not even he could have drawn up in his wildest dreams.
Thanks to the miraculous re-emergence of Green Bay legend Brett Favre, the Packers enjoyed one of the best regular seasons in franchise history. Critics of the Packers’ unsuspected dominance claimed that Favre’s resurrection could not be sustained without a running game, but the skeptics were silenced once Grant took center stage in the Packers’ backfield in week eight.
Throughout the first seven weeks of the season, Grant was the recipient of just six carries. Being the third-string running back, it wasn’t until Deshawn Wynn and Vernand Morency went down with bum knees that Grant was given the job